We are currently purchasing vintage and modern cars and motorcycles


We are always looking to purchase cars and motorcycles outright. We have cash on hand and are ready to make an easy deals and quick transactions. We have many clients with long lists of requests for specific cars, so please call us.


We take cars and motorcycles on consignment as well, allowing us to help you sell your car even if it not at one of our facilities. We have found the best way to accomplish this is a a sliding percentage-based system. This is because we will spend as much time, effort, and money selling a $25,000 car as a $250,000 car.

If you have an idea of what you'd like for your vehicle that is agreeable, we can also work over and above that in the asking price to achieve our fee instead of a percentage. 

Selling your car or motorcycle through one of the major auction houses generally costs at least 10% on both the buyer's and seller's sides. Therefore, the seller is only realizing 80% of what the buyer is actually paying for the car. Besides that, some auction houses will not offer a reserve on cars under a certain price range, which makes the sales process quite risky.



Consulting/Locating a Car or Motorcycle


We also act as consultants, for the purchase of a single car or motorcycle or to manage your collection. If you are interested in purchasing a car that you have located, we will advise you on the problems common to the marque or model, the value, and other potential issues. If you wish, we will even negotiate with the seller on your behalf and set up pre purchase inspections. This results in a painless, well researched and intelligent purchasing experience.


If you have been looking for something specific, modern or vintage, we are expert locators with global connections.


We offer a finder's fee to anyone who points us in the direction of a car that we end up purchasing. 



Please call us to discuss in further detail. 631-318-0155