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Recently I was trying to figure out what fascinates me so much about vintage machines. But I came to realize that it's probably just a result of my genetics.  A passion for automobiles, motorcycles and racing has been in my family for several generations. My great grandfather was a dirt track motorcycle racer throughout the 1910s and 1920s. We still have his trophy from the 1910 Illinois state fair. My grandfather on my mother's side, an accomplished wartime bomber pilot known to his friends as "Silent Bill" (because he never stopped talking), was a lifelong car collector, Thunderbird owner, Buick enthusiast, and motorcycle aficionado. As a kid, I heard stories of him racing his friends (who were police officers) on unfinished sections of superhighway near his house in Louisville, Kentucky.

My father's first car was a '48 Buick but he quickly moved on to a '58 Porsche 356A Coupe and a '59 356 Carrera GS Speedster. When he sold the GS Speedster, he drove it from New York to  San Francisco with a Volkswagen motor in it, having shipped the blown four cam motor by freight to the purchaser. Other highlights include a '57 BSA Hornet Scrambler, a '57 Willys Wagon, a '49 Buick Roadmaster Woody, an assortment of Volvo 122s, and an FJ40. The most outstanding and most recent was a 1962 Aston Martin DB4: Black with a Red interior. It was superbly restored and fitted with the original motor bored out and built to Vantage specifications. He raced semi-professionally sprint cars, stock cars, a BMW 2002 Turbo hillclimb car, among many others.

My parents told me that as a baby, the first phrase I spoke was "green car," responding to a lime green Cadillac convertible I saw drive by from my crib overlooking the street. The pictures of me playing as a toddler involve, pretty much exclusively: Tonka trucks, Power Wheels, Matchbox cars, Legos, Micromachines, Playmobil and Capsela. I got my first motorcycle, a Honda Z50, when I was 7 years old. I then graduated to larger dirtbikes and ATVs. I became involved in radio-controlled car racing when I was 14-16 and became a nationally-sponsored driver for a large chassis manufacturer and was invited to compete in South Africa at the World Championships.

I started this company because I wanted to provide enthusiasts with extremely high quality, interesting, and rare classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. I do this because it is my true passion. I've sold many classic cars, trucks and motorcycles working at big classic car dealerships over the years and as a result am familiar with and knowledgable about a wide array of machines. While I love European sports and racing cars from the 1950s onwards, I dig all modes of transportation, from 1940s American trucks and 60s British motorcycles to late 80s Japanese Kei cars and titanium bicycles.

I have recently begun to focus heavily on classic motorcycles. Compared to cars, they can offer equal if not greater excitement, are easy to store and work on, and can appeal to any budget or style. They are an increasingly important sector of the collector motoring world and values have been rising rapidly.

I am well-versed in modern technological advancements in cars and motorcycles and enjoy brand new vehicles as well as modern classics. We thoroughly adore modern classics, a Mercedes SLS, an Acura NSX. We are as enthused about emerging technologies as we are about an original-paint 250 Ferrari.

-Angus Dykman, Owner

Please call us at 631-318-0155 with any questions, use the box below, or email us at 

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  • Donny L.
  • New York, NY
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I purchased a '71 CB450 with 15,000 original miles here after shopping around for a while, and was extremely happy with both the process and result.

Angus (the owner) is professional and highly knowledgable about vintage motorcycles. In my experience, he was upfront about the history and condition of the bike (both positive and negative aspects) and agreed to a fair price given the prices at which comparable bikes had recently sold.

Additionally, the inventory of bikes they had on hand made me wish that I had a bit more to spend, as there were some classic models in great condition that I haven't often seen around.

The only drawback is that it's a bit far from most places in Manhattan besides the Lower East Side; that said, the trip was a small a price to pay for a motorcycle I'll be riding for many years to come.


  • Haim B.
  • Burlingame, CA
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I recently purchased a beautiful 1956 Triumph 6T "Black Bird" from Angus at Northeast Sportscar. Purchasing a motorcycle sight unseen from 3,000 miles away can be a little unnerving, but Angus made the process very easy. The description of the bike was well detailed both with photographs and text. Once we came to terms, the transaction went very smoothly. As a dealer, Northeast Sportscar was able to FedEx all the required documents to easily take care of the legal transfer. Angus also arranged very reasonably priced shipping to California. The bike arrived safe and sound 7 days later. I also very much appreciated Angus following up with me after delivery and offering advice on the care and feeding of my new toy. He even sent me a packet with photos, receipts, and details of the bike's restoration. I am very pleased with my purchase and and my entire experience with Northeast Sportscar. I am happy to recommend them highly, and I am keeping a close eye on their website for my next purchase.


  • Brian W.
  • Mission Viejo, CA
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My recent vintage motorcycle purchase and personal experience with Angus, owner of Northeast Sportscar, is rated five stars.  I was interested in his 1955 Triumph Tiger T100 that was listed on his website.  Angus and I talked and email several times until we came to an agreed price.  

Since I live in Southern California and the bike was in Brooklyn, my stipulation of the sale was contingent on a physical inspection.  I booked my redeye from LAX to JFK arriving early Saturday morning.  Angus provided me with instructions on how to catch the Long Island train to his shop and recommendation for an excellent neighborhood bakery.  

When I arrived at Angus' showroom, he explained everything about the bike and showed me all of the accompany documentation.  There were some minor fixes, but he took care of everything.  I also wanted the bike mechanically inspected, so Angus recommended a local motorcycle restoration shop.  He rode the bike over to Peter at Moto Borgotaro in Brooklyn.  Within a week, I received a very positive inspection report that the bike was mechanically sound with recommendations for a minor tune up and chain tightening.  Peter adjusted a few things on the bike and took it out for a test ride.  His inspection report was well worth it.

After the transfer of funds, Angus expedited delivery of the Bill of Sale, NY Title and other documents for me to sign.  He also shipped me the replacement parts that I requested.  He also recommended and arranged for Wolverine Cycle to transport the bike enclosed to the West coast.

Angus is very knowledgeable about vintage motorcycles, so I would highly recommend bike enthusiasts to check out his website and showroom in Brooklyn.  

This is my very first motorcycle purchase, so I'm glad I was able to meet Angus and purchase it from him.  All of my concerns or questions were immediately addressed either over the phone or email.   Your customer service is impeccable...

If you're ever out in Orange County, you're welcome to take my bike out along Pacific Coast Highway.

Thank you Angus!


  • John P.
  • Pound Ridge, NY
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A pleasure to do business with and I hope to do so again the future!

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