1973 BMW R75/5 Toaster Tank


Original Paint, Triple Matching Numbers, Fresh Service, 19.6k original miles, One Owner 1975-2014


This Grenada Red 73 BMW R75/5 is a beautiful original paint bike that has recently been mechanically refreshed. The second owner bought the bike when it was two years old in 1975 and just sold it earlier this year. He verified that it is original paint and original mileage, with no accidents. The previous owner signed a written statement attesting to this, which is included with the bike. He knew this because he bought the bike directly from the second owner. Below is the letter the previous owner wrote me.

“I, Don Scott, would like to share my story of how I came to own this bike. I first learned of the bike in 2005 from an older gentleman I’d met at work. I had ALWAYS wanted a BMW since my teen years. My uncle had owned one and I always admired it.

The older gentleman was the second owner, having bought it in 1975. In 2005, I asked him if he wanted to sell it and he said, “NO!” I continued to see him periodically, and I would continue to ask him through the years if he would sell it to me, and he continued to say no. I would see the old guy riding it around the country. In 2013 I asked again about the BMW. “What about the BMW?” I asked. “Come get it” he said. 

So I did, acquiring the bike in early 2014. I began the refreshing process. The old man said the bike has never been repainted or wrecked. With original paint, and that the miles were accurate, I knew the improvements I would make would allow me to ride it safely. Fresh tires, fresh suspension, updated ignition, new cables, new handlebars, new seals and springs were all completed by Bombars Beemers in Durham, NC.

My son and I took it camping up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, NC and also rode it locally around Lake Norman. It fulfilled my dream to own a Toaster BMW. I hope it brings lots of fun rides for the new owner!

Donald R. Scott, Jr.”


Here is a breakdown of the refresh work that was done to the bike.

  • It was given a "12,000 mile service", details below. 
  • New rear shocks
  • Removed and rebuilt front shocks
  • Removed and replaced all cables
  • Removed and cleaned the cylinders, cylinder heads, and replaced pushrod seals, and cleaned the top of the motor. 
  • The valves and seats were were cleaned, the seats were recut and the guides were cleaned as well. New valve cover gaskets were installed.  
  • The oil and filter were changed. 
  • Some wiring was cleaned up inside the headlight bucket and under the tank harness. 
  • The bike was given a set of low european bars
  • An Alpha electronic ignition system was installed.
  • New Bosch blue coils were installed. 
  • Both carbs were rebuilt. 
  • The bike was given a set of new Dunlop D404 tires. 
  • The bike was given new plugs, a new headlight, new fuel lines, new fuel filter, and new petcocks.

There is some nice history to the bike, as pictured. This includes original inspection cards and registrations going back to the early 1980s, showing the mileage in 1988 was still just over 15,000 miles. The bike comes with the original Varta battery card, original tire pump, original owner’s manual, original overseas service station booklet (both in original pouch), the original tool kit, shock adjustment tool, and original tire patches. The bike wears its original inspection sticker from 1973 in North Carolina.

As expected for an original paint bike, the bike does have some light patina and some touchups, a small abrasion on the front fender as pictured, currently the tachometer is not working, there is some paint wear on the tail light housing, the toaster panels are extremely nice but do have a few shallow marks in them that can be seen from looking at the bike's profile (I have never seen them completely straight, except for brand new), a few touchups to the frame where engine guards were mounted, and a few small pea-sized patches on the seat where a backrest was mounted, as pictured. It is the original seat. 

Overall this is a very nice original paint, low mileage, matching numbers bike with documented fresh service, records going back to the 1980s, and just out of long term ownership from 1975-2014. The bike runs and rides exceedingly well, definitely the best and tightest riding toaster tank we've had.

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